About us

Welcome to BeeWaxedUK

At BeeWaxedUK we’re here for all your waxing needs removing any unwanted bodily hair for both male and female clients. Whether it be a leg wax or chest wax to the more intimate Hollywood or BSC we hope you leave having had a pleasant experience with professional service delivered to you in a friendly and comfortable environment

About us

BeeWaxedUK are a fresh new waxing salon specialising in all body and intimate waxing for both male and females in and around the Manchester area.

With a perfected technique and using 2 different waxes we ensure your waxing treatment whether it be a Hollywood bikini, legs, chest or back is a comfortable and almost painless one.

The Manager of BeeWaxedUK is one of the North West's most established waxing professionals. Danielle has been working in the beauty industry for over 7 years, perfecting her skills and growing her clientele, previously working in one of the busiest waxing salons in Manchester, her aim is to offer all BeeWaxedUK clients the ultimate waxing experience, that’s both quick and efficient.

Whether you are a waxing newbie or a waxing pro, or if it’s a body or intimate waxing treatment you require, with her friendly and professional attitude BeeWaxedUK will kick those nerves to the kerb and we guarantee you will get the best out of your waxing experience BeeWaxedUK will also offer you both pre and after care advice.

Hygiene is a MUST there is no double dipping of products at our salon.
All rooms are hygienically cleaned before and after every client ensuring the most professional safe and comfortable service

Benefits of waxing

  • Quick and effective way for longer lasting smooth results on all body and intimate areas
  • Hairs grow back finer making it a lot softer and depending how regular you wax hair will grow back sparser
  • Makes you feel cleaner and confident in a bikini, swimsuit or that special outfit

  • Pre and after care


  • Don't shave for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment (hair can be never be too long to wax but it can be too short to save disappointment please ensure there is at least 2 weeks growth)
  • Don't apply moisturiser on the day of your appointment
  • Don't use a sunbed or any direct sunlight 24 hrs before appointment (skin takes up to 24hrs to burn so although it may not feel like it is burnt it may be and you don’t know yet, waxing burnt skin can cause skin to peel and can affect the pigmentation)

  • After

  • Don't have any hot baths, showers or use any perfumed products i.e. shower gels deodorant for 24 hrs. after wax (this can cause irritation on freshly waxed skin as the pores are open and need a 24hr window to close)
  • Don't do any heavy exercise, swimming, steam or sauna rooms for 24 hrs after wax
  • Don't go into direct sunlight, sunbeds or use any tanning products for at least 48 hrs after wax (some of the cells will be removed through out the removal process and skin is vulnerable)
  • Don't remove any hair in between appointments (this will make the hair thicker and coarser and undo any waxing previously done)
  • Do exfoliate and moisturize 48 hrs after treatment (this i will help with ingrowing hairs which can be a side effect of waxing)
  • Do return for your waxing treatment within 4-6 weeks
  • If you have any further questions I will be happy to answer, just give me a call